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& Abuse

Trauma is an emotional response to a distressing event.  What is defined as a traumatic event will vary from person to person as we all experience life differently.  However, traumatic events experienced early in life, such as abuse, neglect and disrupted attachment, can often be devastating. Equally challenging can be later life experiences that are out of one’s control, such as a serious accident, being the victim of violence, living through a natural disaster or war, or sudden unexpected loss.

If someone has caused you harm or distress, whether physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual; abuse can have long-term effects on your relationships  and mental health. These events can affect how you feel towards yourself and impact how you relate to others.


If you are experiencing changes in how you think, feel, or behave that are interfering with your ability to work or live your normal life, it may be time to speak to a professional. Counselling can provide a safe space for those looking to heal from painful experiences. The road to recovery is unlikely to be short or easy, but there should be no limit on the amount of time you spend on making life better for yourself. 


Use the links below if you would to find out more:

Somerset Safeguarding Adults Board

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